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Version: 22.1

Installing Preview Versions

We are constantly updating and improving Redpanda with new features, and capabilities. You can try out these features early on with our preview versions and give us feedback about them. With your help, we can identify and fix potential issues, and make the platform even better for everyone.

If you face any errors during your installation or upgrading process, feel free to reach us in our Slack Community or on GitHub Discussions.


Preview versions are not supported for production usage.


Choose your desired system and run the commands down below.

## Run the setup script to download and install the unstable repo
curl -1sLf '' |
sudo -E bash && \
## Use apt to install redpanda
sudo apt install redpanda

Verify the installed version

To verify if the installation was successful, you can run these commands down below.

Run rpk to get the version:

rpk version

The result is similar to this:

v22.1.7-rc1 (rev 9ddbb4d)

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