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Version: 22.2

Install Labs


Lab features may be tied to specific product release versions and are not supported in production deployments.

What is a Redpanda lab?

Redpanda continuously adds new features and feature updates. Lab features are designed for user testing and feedback in development and testing environments. For example, Tiered Storage was a lab feature in preview before it was promoted to general availability. Your feedback helps shape the future of the Redpanda platform.

Lab features are subject to change and may not become available in future releases.

Send your feedback on our Slack Community or GitHub Discussions.

Lab features

Current lab features are:

Lab Feature Version started as lab
Data transforms with WebAssembly v 21.12.1-wasm-beta1


## Run the setup script to download and install the unstable repo
curl -1sLf '' |
sudo -E bash && \
## Use apt to install redpanda
sudo apt install redpanda

Verify install

Run rpk to get the version:

rpk version

The result is similar to the following:

v22.2.1-rc2 (rev b33ceb1)

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