Redpanda Licensing

Redpanda Community Edition is free and source-available at the Redpanda GitHub repo. Additional features are included with a license for Redpanda Enterprise Edition.

Redpanda Community Edition

Redpanda Community Edition is licensed with the Redpanda Business Source License (BSL). These core features are free and source-available.

  • Users cannot provide Redpanda as a commercial streaming or queuing service to others.

  • The BSL code converts to Apache 2.0 licensing four years after each code merge.

Redpanda Enterprise Edition

Redpanda Enterprise Edition is licensed with the Redpanda Community License (RCL). It includes the free features licensed under the Redpanda BSL, as well as the following features:

Enterprise features require a license key. You can evaluate enterprise features with a free 30-day trial. Contact Redpanda Sales to request a trial license, to extend your trial period, or to purchase an Enterprise Edition license.

Apply license key

A license key unlocks Redpanda Enterprise Edition features. To apply the license key to your cluster, run:

rpk cluster license set

Either provide a path to a file containing the license, or provide the license string inline. For example, run:

rpk cluster license set --path /home/organization/redpanda.license --api-urls


rpk cluster license set <license string>

If neither the path or the license string are are provided, rpk looks for the license in /etc/redpanda/redpanda.license.

Check license status

To check the status of your current license, run:

rpk cluster license info --api-urls

Redpanda sends warning messages in the cluster logs if you enable enterprise features without a valid license key.