Create a BYOC Cluster on GCP

To create a Redpanda cluster in your own cloud, log in to the Redpanda Cloud UI and create a namespace, then follow the steps for creating a Bring your own cloud (BYOC) cluster.

Create a namespace

To prepare to deploy a Redpanda cluster in your own cloud, log in to the Redpanda Cloud UI and add a namespace:

  1. Go to Redpanda Cloud and click Log in.

    The Enter Organization page opens.

  2. Type your organization name and click Continue.

    The Home page opens.

  3. Click Add namespace.

    Namespaces help you organize clusters by owner, team, or project for example.

  4. Type a name for your namespace.

Create a BYOC cluster

After you create a namespace, create a BYOC cluster in your Virtual Private Cloud (VPC):

  1. Scroll to your namespace (namespaces are listed in alphabetical order) and click + Add Cluster.

  2. Click Create BYOC cluster.

  3. (Optional) In Cluster name, type a name to replace the default name.

  4. Select throughput.

    The choices are 1 MBps, 5 MBps, 10 MBps, and 20 MBps.

  5. Open the Redpanda version menu and select a version.

  6. Click Next.

    The Cloud settings page opens.

  7. For Provider, select GCP.

  8. Open the Region menu and select a region.

  9. For Availability, select Single AZ or Multi AZ.

  10. Open the Zones menu and select the availability zone(s) for your region.

    If Single AZ was selected in the previous step, then select a single zone. If Multi AZ was selected, then select three availability zones to provide two backups in case one availability zone goes down.

  11. Click Next.

    The Networking page opens.

  12. Under Choose Connection Type, select either Public or Private.

  13. Click Next.

After the network is created, you can deploy the agent.

Deploy the agent


  • Install the Redpanda CLI.

    • Minimum rpk version: v22.3+.

  • Install the gcloud CLI.

    • If the gcloud CLI is already installed, make sure the components are up-to-date by running: gcloud components update.

  • Setup the gcloud application-default credentials.

    To temporarily use your user credentials for API access, run: gcloud auth application-default login. This command opens Google’s login page in a browser window.

  • Ensure that your role has the necessary permissions to run commands and create clusters.

Create Redpanda Cloud client

  • From the Redpanda Cloud home page, select Clients from the navigation pane.

  • Click Add client and enter a name and description, or simply use an existing client.

    Copy the Client ID and Client Secret.

  • Navigate back to the cluster. The wizard takes you back to the Deploy Agent page.

    Paste the Client ID and Client Secret in the client credentials boxes.

  • Run the rpk cloud login command in your deployment environment:

    rpk cloud login --save

Deploy agent

  • Enter your GCP Project ID.

  • Run the rpk cloud byoc gcp apply command in your deployment environment:

    rpk cloud byoc gcp apply