Redpanda Cloud API Authentication

The Cloud API uses the Client Credentials Flow as defined in Auth 2.0 RFC 6749, section 4.4. In Redpanda Cloud, you must first create a service account through which you can authenticate requests to the Cloud API. The service account is associated with your Redpanda Cloud organization. The service account acts as an OAuth 2.0 client that provides its credentials (client ID and client secret) to the API authentication server. The authentication server grants an access token in return. You can then include the access token in each request to the API.

The access token granted to you is associated with a specific Redpanda Cloud organization. If you want to use the API for a different organization, you must acquire a new token through a service account with that organization.

You only need to authenticate once to the Cloud API. That is, after you obtain an access token, you can use the same token in requests to both Control Plane and Data Plane API endpoints, for as long as the token is valid.

Request an access token

Users with administrative privileges in a Redpanda Cloud organization can create a service account. NOTE: Service accounts have administrative privileges by default. Cloud user roles are not applied for the API.

  1. On the Clients page in the Redpanda Cloud UI, click Add client. Enter a name and description.

  2. Retrieve the client ID and secret by clicking Copy ID and Copy Secret.

  3. Make a POST request to with the ID and secret in the request body. To see code examples for getting a token, click the Request an API token link in the Clients page.

    The request response provides an access token that remains valid for one hour.

Authenticate API requests

You must pass the access token in the authorization header of each API request:

curl -H "Authorization: Bearer $YOUR_TOKEN"