Create a MirrorMaker2 Heartbeat Connector

You can use a MirrorMaker2 Heartbeat connector to generate heartbeat messages to a local cluster’s heartbeat topic.

There are no prerequisites or limitations associated with this connector.

Create a MirrorMaker2 Heartbeat connector

To create the MirrorMaker2 Heartbeat connector:

  1. In Redpanda Cloud, click Connectors in the navigation menu, and then click Create Connector.

  2. Select Import from Heartbeat.

  3. On the Create Connector page, specify the following required connector configuration options:

    Property name Property key Description

    Emit heartbeats interval seconds


    Frequency of heartbeats. The default is 1.

    Connector name


    Globally-unique name to use for this connector.

  4. Click Next. Review the connector properties specified, then click Create.

Advanced MirrorMaker2 Heartbeat connector configuration

In most instances, the preceding basic configuration properties are sufficient. If you require additional property settings, then specify any of the following optional advanced connector configuration properties by selecting Show advanced options on the Create Connector page:

Property name Property key Description

Source cluster alias


Used to generate the heartbeat topic key. The default is source.

Target cluster alias


Used to generate the heartbeat topic key. The default is target.

Heartbeats topic replication factor


Replication factor for heartbeats topic. The default is -1.

Test the connection

After the connector is created, check to ensure that:

  • There are no errors in logs and in Redpanda Console.

  • Check to confirm the heartbeat topic has heartbeat messages.