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Version: 23.1

Managed Connectors

Redpanda Connectors provide a way to integrate your Redpanda data with different data systems. As managed solutions, connectors offer a simpler way to integrate your data than manually creating a solution with the Kafka API. You can set up and manage these connectors in Redpanda Console. All connectors are managed by Redpanda.

Each connector is either a source or a sink:

  • A source connector imports data from a source system into a Redpanda cluster. The source could be a cloud storage system such as S3 or GCS. The source connector's main task is to fetch data from these sources and convert them into a format suitable for Redpanda.

  • A sink connector exports data from a Redpanda cluster and pushes it into a target system. The target could be a cloud storage system such as S3 or GCS. Sink connectors read the data from Redpanda and transform it into a format that the target system can use.

These sources and sinks work together to create a data pipeline that can move and transform data from one system to another.

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