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Version: 23.1

Redpanda Operator

This section includes information about installing, deploying, and securing Redpanda on Kubernetes using the Redpanda Operator (redpanda-operator Helm chart). This is supported only for backward compatibility.


This section uses the Redpanda Operator. To use the recommended Redpanda Helm chart, see Get Started with Redpanda in Kubernetes and Manage Redpanda in Kubernetes.

  • Install

    Install Redpanda for Kubernetes with kind or minikube or on Cloud.

  • Deploy

    Configure the Redpanda Operator for connectivity or connect remotely to Kubernetes. Also learn about custom configuration and additional properties.

  • Security

    Configure Redpanda TLS, SASL, and mTLS on Kubernetes.

  • Operator Custom Resource Definition (CRD)

    Apply the CRD to configure the Redpanda cluster and APIs.

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