Get Started

  • Introduction to Redpanda

    Explanation of Redpanda event streaming

  • How Redpanda Works

    Overview of Redpanda architecture.

  • Redpanda Licensing

    Redpanda is free and source-available at the Redpanda GitHub repo. Additional features are included with an enterprise license.

  • Redpanda Quickstart

    Spin up a Redpanda cluster in Docker to evaluate Redpanda on your Linux, macOS, or Windows machine. Then, create a basic streaming application and explore your cluster in Redpanda Console.

  • Introduction to rpk

    Redpanda Keeper (rpk) is a single binary application that provides a way to interact with your Redpanda clusters from the command line.

  • Kafka Client Code Examples

    How to produce to and consume from Redpanda in a variety of languages.