1. To issue requests to the Cloud API from this page, click Get Token.

  2. If successful, the text “1 API key applied” displays under the Authentication header. The token is valid for one hour.

  3. Make sure to choose the correct API server before making requests.

See Cloud API Authentication for more information.

The Redpanda Cloud API is a collection of REST APIs that allow you to interact with different parts of Redpanda Cloud. To familiarize yourself with Redpanda Cloud API basics, see the Redpanda Cloud API Overview. To get started using the API, try the Quickstart.


To use the Cloud API:

  • You must be a customer with an existing organization in Redpanda Cloud.

  • You can only use one organization for authentication. See Cloud API Authentication for steps to authenticate API requests.

Cloud API architecture

Redpanda Cloud uses a control plane and data plane architecture.

Control Plane API

The Control Plane API enables you to programmatically manage your clusters, networks, and resource groups.

The base URL of the Control Plane API for all organizations is:


Data Plane APIs

The Data Plane APIs enable you to programmatically manage the resources within your clusters, including topics, users, access control lists (ACLs), and connectors.

The base URL of the Data Plane APIs is unique to every cluster. You can retrieve this value by making a Get Cluster request to your target cluster. Use the dataplane_api.url from the response body as the base URL when calling the Data Plane API endpoints.