The following topics provide reference details about Redpanda commands and configuration properties, as well historical content:

  • Properties

    Learn about the Redpanda properties you can configure.

  • Release Notes

    This page provides a centralized index of release notes for Redpanda products. Use release notes to understand the enhancements, fixes, and important changes in each version of our products.

  • API and SDK Reference

    See the Schema Registry API, the HTTP Proxy API, the Admin API, and the Data Transforms SDKs.

  • Kubernetes Reference

    Reference topics for Redpanda in Kubernetes.

  • Monitoring Metrics

    Reference of monitoring metrics provided by Redpanda.

  • rpk Commands

    Index page of rpk commands in alphabetical order.

  • Redpanda Console

    When you install Redpanda Console, a YAML file is installed on each instance with configuration properties.

  • Glossary