rpk cluster config set

Set a single cluster configuration property.

This command is provided for use in scripts. For interactive editing, or bulk changes, use the edit and import commands respectively.

You may also use <key>=<value> notation for setting configuration properties:

rpk cluster config set log_retention_ms=-1

If an empty string is given as the value, the property is reset to its default.


rpk cluster config set <key> <value> [flags]


Value Type Description

-h, --help


Help for set.



Include all properties, including tunables.



Redpanda or rpk config file; default search paths are /var/lib/redpanda/.config/rpk/rpk.yaml, $PWD/redpanda.yaml, and /etc/redpanda/redpanda.yaml.

-X, --config-opt


Override rpk configuration settings. See rpk -X or execute rpk -X help for inline detail or rpk -X list for terser detail.



Profile to use. See rpk profile for more details.

-v, --verbose


Enable verbose logging.

Setting properties to non-number values (such as setting string values with -) can be problematic for some terminals due to how POSIX flags are parsed. For example, the following command may not work from some terminals:

rpk cluster config set delete_retention_ms -1

Workaround: Use -- to disable parsing for all subsequent characters. For example:

rpk cluster config set -- delete_retention_ms -1