rpk connect

Redpanda Connect provides an ecosystem of over 220 open source connectors.


rpk connect [global options] command [command options]


rpk connect list inputs
rpk connect create kafka//file > ./config.yaml
rpk connect -c ./config.yaml
rpk connect -r "./production/*.yaml" -c ./config.yaml


Value Type Description

--version, -v


Display version info, then exit (default: false).

--env-file value, -e


Import environment variables from a dotenv file.



Override the configured log level. Options: off, error, warn, info, debug, trace.

--set, -s


Set a field (identified by a dot path) in the main configuration file. For example: "metrics.type=prometheus".

--config , -c


Path to a configuration file.

--resources, -r


Pull in extra resources from a file, which can be referenced by the same as resources defined in the main config. This supports glob patterns (requires quotes).

--templates, -t


EXPERIMENTAL: Import Redpanda Connect templates. This supports glob patterns (requires quotes).



Continue to execute a config containing linter errors (default: false).

--watcher, -w


EXPERIMENTAL: Watch config files for changes and automatically apply them (default: false).

--help, -h


Show help.