Partner Integrations

Learn about Redpanda integrations built and supported by our partners.

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Zilla is a multi-protocol proxy that abstracts Redpanda for non-native clients, such as browsers and IoT devices, by exposing Redpanda topics using user-defined REST, Server-Sent Events (SSE), MQTT, or gRPC API entry points.

Bytewax is an open source framework and distributed stream processing engine in Python.

ClickHouse is a high-performance, column-oriented SQL database management system (DBMS) for online analytical processing (OLAP).

Conduktor provides simple, flexible, and powerful tooling for Kafka developers and infrastructure.

Decodable is a real-time data processing platform powered by Apache Flink and Debezium.

ElastiFlow captures and analyzes flow and SNMP data to provide detailed insights into network performance and security.

Materialize is a data warehouse purpose-built for operational workloads where an analytical data warehouse would be too slow, and a stream processor would be too complicated.

PeerDB provides a fast, simple, and cost-effective way to replicate data from Postgres to data warehouses, queues and storage.

RisingWave is a distributed SQL streaming database that enables simple, efficient, and reliable processing of streaming data.

Timeplus is a stream processor that provides powerful end-to-end capabilities, leveraging the open source streaming engine Proton.

Tinybird is a data platform for data and engineering teams to solve complex real-time, operational, and user-facing analytics use cases at any scale.

Quix is a complete platform for building, deploying, and monitoring stream processing pipelines in Python.

This is not an exhaustive list. To add an integration, contribute to this page.