Use AWS Commitments

You can subscribe to Redpanda Cloud through AWS Marketplace and use your existing marketplace billing and credits to quickly provision Redpanda Dedicated Cloud clusters. View your bills and manage your subscription directly in the marketplace.

With a usage-based billing commitment, you sign up for a monthly or an annual minimum spend amount. Commitments are minimums:

  • If you use less than your committed amount, you still pay the minimum. Any unused amount on a monthly commitment rolls over to the next month until the end of your term.

  • If you use more than your committed amount, you can continue using Redpanda Cloud without interruption. You’re charged for any additional usage until the end of your term.

When you subscribe to Redpanda Cloud through AWS Marketplace, you can only create clusters on AWS.

Sign up in AWS Marketplace

  1. Contact Redpanda sales to request a private offer for an AWS Redpanda Cloud commitment.

  2. You will receive a private offer on AWS Marketplace. Review the policy and required terms, and click Accept.

    If you don’t have a billing account associated with your project, you’re prompted to enable billing to link the subscription with a billing account.

    You are taken to the Redpanda sign-up page.

  3. On the Redpanda sign-up page:

    • For Email, enter your email address to register with Redpanda.

    • For Organization name, enter a name for your new organization connected through AWS Marketplace. Redpanda organizations contain all resources, including clusters and networks.

    • Click Sign up and create organization.

      You will receive an email sent to the address you entered.

  4. In the email, click Verify email address.

    This completes the registration and associates the email with a Redpanda account.

  5. On the Accept your invitation to sign up page, click Sign up or Log in.

    You can now create resource groups, clusters, and networks in your organization.