Usage Metrics

Redpanda Cloud billing is mapped to the consumption of resources. When you create a cluster, you select a cluster tier that specifies the expected throughput for your cluster, including the maximum ingress, egress, partitions, and connections. Billing is based on the resources consumed, multiplied by the cost of that resource.

  • All pricing is set in US dollars (USD). The marketplace automatically converts the bill to the currency of the billing account.

  • All billing computations are conducted in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). Billing accrues at hourly intervals. Any usage that is less than an hour is billed for the full hour.

Instance metric

The instance metric tracks the number of hours the instance is running. The cost varies based on the region and tier you select for your cluster.

Ingress and egress metrics

These metrics track the data transferred (in GB), including each produce and consume request.

  • The ingress metric tracks data written. The cost varies based on the region you select for your cluster.

  • The egress metric tracks data read. The cost varies based on the number of availability zones (AZ) you select for your cluster.

Storage metric

The storage metric tracks the data (in GB) in object storage per hour.