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Version: 22.2

rpk group delete

Delete groups from brokers.

Older versions of the Kafka protocol included a retention_millis field in offset commit requests. Group commits persisted for this retention and then eventually expired. Once all commits for a group expired, the group would be considered deleted.

The retention field was removed because it proved problematic for infrequently committing consumers: the offsets could be expired for a group that was still active. If clients use new enough versions of OffsetCommit (versions that have removed the retention field), brokers expire offsets only when the group is empty for offset.retention.minutes. Redpanda does not currently support that configuration (see #2904), meaning offsets for empty groups expire only when they are explicitly deleted.

You may want to delete groups to clean up offsets sooner than when they automatically are cleaned up, such as when you create temporary groups for quick investigation or testing. This command helps you do that.


rpk group delete [GROUPS...] [flags]


Value Type Description
-h, --help- Help for delete
--brokersstringsComma-separated list of broker <ip>:<port> pairs (for example,--brokers ',,'). Alternatively, you may set the REDPANDA_BROKERSenvironment variable with the comma-separated list of broker addresses.
--configstringRedpanda config file, if not set the file will be searched for in the default locations.
--passwordstring SASL password to be used for authentication.
--sasl-mechanismstringThe authentication mechanism to use. Supported values:SCRAM-SHA-256, SCRAM-SHA-512.
--tls-certstringThe certificate to be used for TLS authentication with the broker.
--tls-enabled-Enable TLS for the Kafka API (not necessary if specifying custom certs).
--tls-keystringThe certificate key to be used for TLS authentication with the broker.
--tls-truststorestring The truststore to be used for TLS communication with the broker.
--userstring SASL user to be used for authentication.
-v, --verbose-Enable verbose logging (default false).

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