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Version: 22.2

rpk redpanda config bootstrap

Initialize the configuration to bootstrap a cluster.

--id is mandatory. bootstrap will expect the machine it's running on to have only one private non-loopback IP address associated to it, and use it in the configuration as the node's address.

If it has multiple IPs, --self must be specified. In that case, the given IP will be used without checking whether it's among the machine's addresses or not.

The elements in --ips must be separated by a comma, no spaces.

If omitted, the node will be configured as a root node, that other ones can join later.


rpk redpanda config bootstrap --id <id> [--self &lt;ip&gt;] [--ips <ip1,ip2,...>] [flags]


Value Type Description
--configstringRedpanda config file, if not set the file will be searched for in the default location.
-h, --help- Help for bootstrap.
--idint This node's ID (required). (default -1).
--ipsstrings The list of known node addresses or hostnames.
--selfstringHint at this node's IP address from within the list passed in --ips.
-v, --verbose-Enable verbose logging (default false).

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