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Version: 23.1

rpk cloud byoc

Manage a Redpanda cloud BYOC agent.

For BYOC, Redpanda installs an agent service in your owned cluster. The agent then proceeds to provision further infrastructure and eventually, a full Redpanda cluster.

The BYOC command runs Terraform to create and start the agent. You first need a redpanda-id (or cluster ID); this is used to get the details of how your agent should be provisioned. You can create a BYOC cluster in our cloud UI and then come back to this command to complete the process.


rpk cloud byoc [command] [flags]


--client-idstringThe client ID of the organization in Redpanda Cloud.
--client-secretstringThe client secret of the organization in Redpanda Cloud.
-h, --help-Help for byoc.
-v, --verbose-Enable verbose logging (default: false).

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