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Version: 23.1

Cluster Maintenance

  • Configure Cluster Properties

    Learn how to configure cluster properties.

  • Cluster Balancing

    Redpanda provides leadership balancing and partition rebalancing when nodes are added or decommissioned.

  • Continuous Data Balancing

    Continuous Data Balancing continuously monitors your node and rack availability and disk usage. This enables self-healing clusters that dynamically balance partitions.

  • Decommission Brokers

    Remove a broker so that it is no longer considered part of the cluster.

  • Upgrade

    Learn how to upgrade Redpanda to the latest version.

  • Maintenance Mode

    Maintenance mode lets you take a Redpanda broker offline temporarily while minimizing disruption to client operations.

  • Manage Disk Space

    Redpanda provides several ways to manage disk space to ensure the production stability of the cluster.

  • Manage Throughput

    Manage the throughput of Kafka traffic at the cluster level, with configurable properties that limit and protect the use of disk and network resources for individual nodes and for an entire cluster. Set node-wide throughput limits for Kafka API traffic.

  • Configure Client Connections

    Optimize the availability of your clusters by configuring and tuning properties.

  • Cluster Diagnostics

    Use tools and tests to help diagnose and debug a Redpanda cluster.

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