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Version: 23.1

rpk redpanda start

Start Redpanda.

Setting up a mode

It's possible to setup a mode for redpanda to start. Currently we support the mode dev-container.

To set up the mode dev-container run:

rpk redpanda start --mode dev-container

Mode uses well-known configuration properties for development or tests environments:

Bundled flags:

  • --overprovisioned
  • --reserve-memory 0M
  • --check=false
  • --unsafe-bypass-fsync

Bundled cluster properties:

  • auto_create_topics_enabled: true
  • group_topic_partitions: 3
  • storage_min_free_bytes: 10485760 (10MiB)
  • topic_partitions_per_shard: 1000
  • fetch_reads_debounce_timeout: 10

After redpanda starts you can modify the cluster properties using:

rpk config set <key> <value>


rpk redpanda start [flags]


Value Type Description
--advertise-kafka-addrstringsA comma-separated list of Kafka addresses to advertise (<name>://<host>:<port>).
--advertise-pandaproxy-addrstringsA comma-separated list of Pandaproxy addresses to advertise (<name>://<host>:<port>).
--advertise-rpc-addrstring The advertised RPC address (<host>:<port>).
--check-When set to false will disable system checking before starting redpanda (default true).
--configstringRedpanda config file, if not set the file will be searched for in the default locations.
-h, --help- Help for start.
--install-dirstring Directory where redpanda has been installed.
--kafka-addrstringsA comma-separated list of Kafka listener addresses to bind to (<name>://<host>:<port>).
--modestringMode sets well-known configuration properties for development or test environments; use --mode help for more info. Currently we support `dev-container` mode. To enable the dev-container mode, run rpk redpanda start --mode dev-container.
--node-idintThe node ID. Must be an integer and must be unique within a cluster.
--pandaproxy-addrstringsA comma-separated list of Pandaproxy listener addresses to bind to (<name>://<host>:<port>).
--rpc-addrstring The RPC address to bind to (<host>:<port>).
--schema-registry-addrstringsA comma-separated list of Schema Registry listener addresses to bind to (<name>://<host>:<port>).
-s, --seedsstringsA comma-separated list of seed node addresses (<host>[:<port>]) to connect to.
--timeoutdurationThe maximum time to wait for the checks and tune processes to complete. The value passed is a sequence of decimal numbers, each with optional fraction and a unit suffix, such as 300ms, 1.5s or 2h45m. Valid time units are ns, us (or µs), ms, s, m, h (default 10s).
--tune- When present will enable tuning before starting redpanda
--well-known-iostringThe cloud vendor and VM type, in the format <vendor>:<vm type>:<storage type>.
-v, --verbose-Enable verbose logging (default false).

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