HTTP Path Rewrites

To host Redpanda Console under an HTTP path other than the root path (for example, you need to configure this in Redpanda Console. If you host Redpanda Console at a root path (for example under a sub-domain, such as, you don’t need to configure HTTP path rewrites.


To configure HTTP path rewrites, you must edit the following properties:

  • basePath

  • setBasePathFromXForwardedPrefix

  • stripPrefix

These properties are defined in the server object:

  # basePath is the sub-path under which Console will be hosted.
  # If you have a reverse proxy in front of Console, that sets
  # the `X-Forwarded-Prefix` header and the configuration property
  # setBasePathFromXForwardedPrefix is true, you don't need to set
  # this.
  basePath: ""

  # If true, Console will check the `X-Forwarded-Prefix` header
  # on all incoming requests. If the header is present, its value
  # will be used as path prefix.
  setBasePathFromXForwardedPrefix: true

  # Some reverse proxies, such as Traefik,
  # can remove a prefix from the URL path before forwarding it to
  # downstream services like Console. If a prefix is set, it must be
  # removed at some point before reaching Console's internal routing.
  # We recommend that only one part of the stack removes the
  # prefix. If you are using a reverse proxy that modifies the
  # request path, you should either disable stripPrefix or
  # configure the proxy so it doesn't modify the path of a request.
  stripPrefix: true

Using a reverse proxy

Redpanda Console make’s a request to the connectors endpoint using expand parameters in the query string. If you have a reverse proxy between Redpanda Console and Kafka Connect, make sure that any rewrite rules include these expand parameters. Otherwise, Kafka Connect won’t return the correct details about the connector.