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Version: 22.2

Version upgrade

As part of Redpanda's evolution, new versions are released over time to deliver new features, enhancements, and improvements. Due to that, it's essential to keep Redpanda up to date. This guide details how to upgrade versions relevant to the environment that Redpanda is currently running in.


Before upgrading to alternate versions, refer to the release notes to learn about any breaking changes.

Checking the current version

Before changing to a different version, you will first need to determine which version is currently running in your environment. To determine the current version, run the following commands:

curl -s -XGET http://<broker host>:9644/v1/brokers/

The command returns all broker information at once.

Remember to replace the variable <broker host>.

The expected output looks similar to:

v21.11.5 (rev af88fa1)

Available versions

You can check which versions are available in the release notes.

Upgrading your version


When upgrading between major versions, Redpanda only supports upgrading one version at a time. For example, upgrading from 22.1 to 22.2 is supported, while upgrading from 22.1 directly to 22.3 is not. In the latter case, you would upgrade first to 22.2, and then to 22.3.

For Linux distributions, the process changes according to the distribution:

Execute the following commands on the terminal:

sudo yum update redpanda

Post-upgrade applications

Now, you will have the desired version of Redpanda running.

Once the upgrade is complete, you will need to ensure that the cluster is healthy. To verify that the cluster is running properly, run the following command:

rpk cluster health

If you want to view additional information about your brokers, run:

rpk redpanda admin brokers list

You'll also want to set up a real-time dashboard to monitor your cluster health. That can be done by following the steps in our monitoring guide.

If you would like to perform a rolling upgrade on your cluster using maintenance mode, refer to Node Maintenance Mode. Keep in mind that rolling upgrades are only available in versions 22.1 and later.

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