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Version: 22.2

rpk acl delete

Delete ACLs.

Delete flags work in a similar multiplying effect as creating ACLs, but delete is more advanced: deletion works on a filter basis. Any unspecified flag defaults to matching everything (all operations, or all allowed principals, etc). To ensure that you do not accidentally delete more than you intend, this command prints everything that matches your input filters and prompts for a confirmation before the delete request is issued. Anything matching more than 10 ACLs doubly confirms.


rpk acl delete [flags]


Value Type Description
--allow-hoststrings Allowed host ACLs to remove (repeatable).
--allow-principalstrings Allowed principal ACLs to remove (repeatable).
--cluster- Whether to remove ACLs to the cluster.
--deny-hoststrings Denied host ACLs to remove (repeatable).
--deny-principalstrings Denied principal ACLs to remove (repeatable).
-d, --dry- Dry run: validate what would be deleted.
--groupstrings Group to remove ACLs for (repeatable).
-h, --help- Help for delete.
--no-confirm- Disable confirmation prompt.
--operationstrings Operation to remove (repeatable).
-f, --print-filters-Print the filters that were requested (failed filters are always printed).
--topicstrings Topic to remove ACLs for (repeatable).
--transactional-idstrings Transactional IDs to remove ACLs for (repeatable).

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