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Version: 22.2

rpk acl list

List ACLs.

List flags work in a similar multiplying effect as creating ACLs, but list is more advanced: listing works on a filter basis. Any unspecified flag defaults to matching everything (all operations, or all allowed principals, etc).


rpk acl list [flags]


list, ls, describe


Value Type Description
--allow-hoststrings Allowed host ACLs to match (repeatable).
--allow-principalstrings Allowed principal ACLs to match (repeatable).
--cluster- Whether to match ACLs to the cluster.
--deny-hoststrings Denied host ACLs to match (repeatable).
--deny-principalstrings Denied principal ACLs to match (repeatable).
--groupstrings Group to match ACLs for (repeatable).
-h, --help- Help for list.
--operationstrings Operation to match (repeatable).
-f, --print-filters-Print the filters that were requested (failed filters are always printed).
--topicstrings Topic to match ACLs for (repeatable).
--transactional-idstrings Transactional IDs to match ACLs for (repeatable).

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