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Version: 22.3

Get Started

  • Introduction to Redpanda

    Redpanda is an event streaming platform: it provides the infrastructure for streaming real-time data.

  • How Redpanda Works

    Learn about Redpanda's core architectural components.

  • Redpanda Licensing

    Redpanda Community Edition is free and source-available at the Redpanda GitHub repo. Additional features are included with a license for Redpanda Enterprise Edition.

  • Redpanda Quickstart

    Quickly install and run Redpanda.

  • Introduction to rpk

    Redpanda Keeper (rpk) is a single binary application that provides a way to interact with your Redpanda clusters from the command line. You can install rpk as part of a bundle that includes redpanda (see the Redpanda Quickstart for instructions), or you can install the rpk binary separately.

  • Build a Sample Application

    Redpanda is Kafka API-compatible, so you can leverage the countless client libraries that have been created for Kafka.

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