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Version: 22.3

Manage Redpanda Self-Hosted in Kubernetes

  • Customize the Helm Chart

    You can customize the Redpanda Helm chart to configure the cluster and the Kubernetes components that the chart deploys.

  • Storage

    Store Redpanda data in PersistentVolumes, hostPath volumes, or emptyDir volumes.

  • Tiered Storage

    Tiered Storage lets you save storage costs by offloading log segments to cloud storage.

  • Networking and Connectivity

    Learn how internal and external connectivity works when Redpanda is running in Kubernetes.

  • Security

    Configure encryption, authentication, and authorization for production environments.

  • Rack Awareness

    Distribute replicas of the same partition across different racks to minimize data loss in the event of a rack failure.

  • Remote Read Replicas

    A Remote Read Replica topic is a read-only topic that mirrors a topic on a different cluster.

  • Pod Resources

    Configure your Pod resources such as memory, CPU, and storage.

  • Troubleshooting

    Find advice on how to diagnose and troubleshoot problems with Redpanda in Kubernetes.

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