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Version: 22.3

Manage Redpanda Console

  • Kafka Connect

    Redpanda Console provides a user interface that enables you to manage multiple Kafka connect clusters. You can inspect or patch connectors, restart/pause/resume their tasks, and also delete a connector. If you have configured more than one cluster, Redpanda Console will query all configured connect clusters for their status, so that you can have an overview across all your connect clusters.

  • Schema Registry

    To deserialize Kafka records that have been encoded with a schema registry compatible serializer, such as
    io.confluent.kafka.serializers.KafkaAvroSerializer, you must have a valid schema registry configuration in Redpanda Console.

  • Protobuf Deserialization

    If you have one or more topics that contain Protobuf serialized messages, you can configure Redpanda Console to deserialize the binary content into JSON, which makes the message human-readable. The resulting message can also be used in the programmable push filters like a JavaScript object.

  • Topic Documentation

    You can embed your topic's documentation into the Redpanda Console user interface by providing access to a GitHub repository that hosts your documentation files in Markdown format.

  • HTTP Path Rewrites

    To host Redpanda Console under an HTTP path different from the root path (for example, then you need to configure this in Redpanda Console.

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