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Version: 22.2

Node Configuration Properties

Node configuration properties are applied individually to each node in a cluster. The following table lists each node configuration property in alphabetical order, along with its description and default setting. After you change a node-level property setting, you must restart the node for the change to take effect.

Required properties


You must include the following required properties in your configuration. If you omit them, redpanda will not start.

data_directoryThe folder where Redpanda streaming data files are stored.

node_idA number that identifies the node within the cluster. This value can be assigned automatically by a deployment tool, or it can be assigned by the user. Each node must have a unique node_id, and nodes should be numbered in sequence. This property must not be changed once a node joins a cluster.

Optional properties

adminAddress and port of the admin server.

admin_api_doc_dirPath to the admin API documentation directory.

Default: /usr/share/redpanda/admin-api-doc
admin_api_tlsTLS configuration for the admin HTTP server.

Default: Null.
advertised_kafka_apiAddress of Kafka API published to clients.

Default: an empty array.
advertised_rpc_apiAddress of the RPC endpoint published to other cluster members.

Default: Null.
cloud_storage_cache_directoryThe directory where the cache archive is stored. This property is mandatory when cloud_storage_enabled is set to true.

Default: Null.
coproc_supervisor_serverIP address and port for supervisor service.

dashboard_dirThe directory where the HTTP dashboard is located.

Default: Null.
developer_modeSkips most of the checks performed at startup. Not recommended for production use.

Default: True
kafka_apiAddress of the Kafka API that handles requests.

kafka_api_tlsTransport Layer Security (TLS) configuration for the Kafka API endpoint.

Default: Null.
rackA rack is a label that identifies a failure zone. Apply the same label to all nodes in the same failure zone. When enable_rack_awareness is set to true at the cluster level, the system uses the rack labels to spread partition replicas across different failure zones.

Default: Null.
rpc_serverRemote Procedure Call (RPC) server IP address.

rpc_server_tlsTLS configuration for RPC server.

Default: Null
seed_serversList of the seed servers used to join the current cluster. If the seed_servers list is empty, the node will be a cluster root and it will form a new cluster.

Default: Null.

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