• Kafka Compatibility

    Kafka clients, version 0.11 or later, are compatible with Redpanda. Validations and exceptions are listed in this compatibility guide.

  • Build a Chat Room Application

    Find links to content that you can use to learn more about building chat room applications with Redpanda.

  • Benchmark Redpanda

    Learn how to measure the performance of a Redpanda cluster deployed on AWS EC2 instances with the Linux Foundation's OpenMessaging Benchmark. Run the same tests and workloads that Redpanda used to demonstrate at least 10x faster tail latencies than Apache Kafka on similar hardware.

  • Use Redpanda with the HTTP Proxy API

    HTTP Proxy exposes a REST API for listing topics, producing events, and subscribing to events from topics using consumer groups.

  • Configure Topics

    Learn how to configure topics with Redpanda.

  • Produce Data

    Produce Data to Redpanda.

  • Consume Data

    Consume Data from Redpanda.

  • Transactions

    The Transactions API gurantees both atomicity and exactly-once semantics.