Cluster Maintenance

  • Configure Cluster Properties

    Configure cluster properties using rpk commands.

  • Cluster Balancing

    For balanced clusters, Redpanda provides both leadership balancing and partition balancing by default. It also supports partition assignment with the Kafka API.

  • Configure Continuous Data Balancing

    Continuous Data Balancing simplifies operations with self-healing clusters that dynamically balance partitions.

  • Decommission Brokers

    Remove a broker so that it is no longer considered part of the cluster.

  • Maintenance Mode

    Enable maintenance mode to temporarily take a broker offline, for example during a rolling upgrade.

  • Upgrade Redpanda

    To benefit from Redpanda's new features and enhancements, use rolling upgrades to upgrade to the latest version. New features are available after all brokers (nodes) in the cluster are upgraded and restarted.

  • Manage Disk Space

    If you exceed the low disk space threshold, Redpanda blocks writes to the local node from Kafka producers.

  • Manage Throughput

    Manage the throughput of Redpanda cluster nodes with configurable properties.

  • Configure Client Connections

    Guidelines for configuring Redpanda clusters for optimal availability.

  • Cluster Diagnostics

    Use tools and tests to help diagnose and debug a Redpanda cluster.