Manage Redpanda Console

  • Kafka Connect

    Redpanda Console provides a user interface to manage multiple Kafka connect clusters.

  • Schema Registry

    Configure Redpanda Console to deserialize Kafka records that were encoded by a Schema Registry compatible serializer.

  • Protobuf Deserialization

    For topics that contain Protobuf serialized messages, you can configure Redpanda Console to deserialize the binary content into JSON, which makes the message human-readable.

  • Topic Documentation

    Embed your topic's documentation into Redpanda Console by providing access to a GitHub repository that hosts your documentation files in Markdown.

  • HTTP Path Rewrites

    Host Redpanda Console under an HTTP path different from the root path.

  • Edit Topic Configuration in Redpanda Console

    Use Redpanda Console to edit the configuration of existing topics in a cluster.