rpk redpanda stop

Stop a local Redpanda process. rpk stop first sends SIGINT, and waits for the specified timeout.

Then, if Redpanda hasn’t stopped, it sends SIGTERM.

Lastly, it sends SIGKILL if it’s still running.


rpk redpanda stop [flags]


Value Type Description



Redpanda config file, if not set the file will be searched for in the default locations.

-h, --help


Help for stop.



The maximum amount of time to wait for redpanda to stop,after each signal is sent. The value passed is a sequence of decimal numbers, each with optional fraction and a unit suffix, such as 300ms, 1.5s or 2h45m. Valid time units are ns, us (or µs), ms, s, m, h (default 5s).

-v, --verbose


Enable verbose logging (default false).