Get Started

  • What’s New

    Summary of new features and updates in the release.

  • Introduction to Redpanda

    Learn about Redpanda event streaming.

  • How Redpanda Works

    Learn specifics about Redpanda architecture.

  • Redpanda Licensing

    Redpanda is free and source-available at the Redpanda GitHub repo. Additional features are included with an enterprise license.

  • Redpanda Quickstart

    Spin up a Redpanda cluster in Docker to evaluate Redpanda on your Linux, macOS, or Windows machine. Then, create a basic streaming application and explore your cluster in Redpanda Console.

  • Redpanda CLI

    The rpk command line interface tool lets you manage your Redpanda cluster, without the need to run a separate script for each function, as with Apache Kafka.