• Manage Redpanda Self-Hosted in Kubernetes

    Learn how to manage Redpanda in Kubernetes.

  • Cluster Maintenance

    Learn about cluster balancing, rolling upgrades, disk space management, and cluster diagnostics.

  • Security

    Learn how to configure authentication, authorization, encryption, listeners, and other security features.

  • Tiered Storage

    Tiered Storage helps to lower storage costs by offloading log segments to object storage.

  • Remote Read Replicas

    Learn how to create a Remote Read Replica topic, which is a read-only topic that mirrors a topic on a different cluster.

  • Schema Registry

    Redpanda's Schema Registry provides the interface to store and manage event schemas.

  • Manage Redpanda Console

    Learn how to manage Redpanda using Redpanda Console.

  • Enable Rack Awareness

    Enable rack awareness to place partition replicas across different failure zones.

  • Monitor Redpanda

    Metrics to monitor the health of your system to predict issues and optimize performance.

  • Optimize I/O

    Learn how to optimize I/O performance.