rpk cluster partitions balancer-status

Queries cluster for partition balancer status:

If continuous partition balancing is enabled, redpanda will continuously reassign partitions from both unavailable nodes and from nodes using more disk space than the configured limit.

This command can be used to monitor the partition balancer status.


Field Description


Either off, ready, starting, in progress, or stalled.

Seconds Since Last Tick

The last time the partition balancer ran.

Current Reassignments Count

Current number of partition reassignments in progress.

Unavailable Nodes

The nodes that have been unavailable after a time set by the partition_autobalancing_node_availability_timeout_sec cluster property.

Over Disk Limit Nodes

The nodes that surpassed the threshold of used disk percentage specified in the partition_autobalancing_max_disk_usage_percent cluster property.

Balancer status

Balancer status Description


The balancer is disabled.


The balancer is active but there is nothing to do


The balancer is starting but has not run yet.


The balancer is active and is in the process of scheduling partition movements.


Violations have been detected and the balancer cannot correct them.

Stalled Balancer

A stalled balancer can occur for a few reasons and requires a bit of manual investigation. A few areas to investigate:

  • Are there are enough healthy nodes to which to move partitions? For example, in a three node cluster, no movements are possible for partitions with three replicas. You will see a stall every time there is a violation.

  • Does the cluster have sufficient space? If all nodes in the cluster are utilizing more than 80% of their disk space, rebalancing cannot proceed.

  • Do all partitions have quorum? If the majority of a partition’s replicas are down, the partition cannot be moved.

  • Are any nodes in maintenance mode? Partitions are not moved if any node is in maintenance mode.


rpk cluster partitions balancer-status [flags]


Value Type Description

-h, --help


Help for balancer-status.



Redpanda or rpk config file; default search paths are ~/.config/rpk/rpk.yaml, $PWD, and /etc/redpanda/redpanda.yaml.

-X, --config-opt


Override rpk configuration settings; '-X help' for detail or '-X list' for terser detail.



rpk profile to use.

-v, --verbose


Enable verbose logging.