rpk cluster config set

Set a single cluster configuration property.

This command is provided for use in scripts. For interactive editing, or bulk changes, use the edit and import commands respectively.

If an empty string is given as the value, the property is reset to its default.


rpk cluster config set <key> <value> [flags]


Value Type Description

-h, --help


Help for set.



Include all properties, including tunables.



Redpanda or rpk config file; default search paths are ~/.config/rpk/rpk.yaml, $PWD, and /etc/redpanda/redpanda.yaml.

-X, --config-opt


Override rpk configuration settings; '-X help' for detail or '-X list' for terser detail.



rpk profile to use.

-v, --verbose


Enable verbose logging.

Setting properties to non-number values (such as setting string values with -) can be problematic for some terminals due to how POSIX flags are parsed. For example, the following command may not work from some terminals:

rpk cluster config set delete_retention_ms -1

Workaround: Use -- to disable parsing for all subsequent characters. For example:

rpk cluster config set -- delete_retention_ms -1