rpk cluster storage recovery

Interact with the topic recovery process. This command is used to restore topics from the archival bucket, which can be useful for disaster recovery or if a topic was accidentally deleted.

To begin the recovery process, use the recovery start command. Note that this process can take a while to complete, so the command will exit after starting it. If you want the command to wait for the process to finish, use the --wait or -w flag.

You can check the status of the recovery process with the recovery status command after it has been started.


rpk cluster storage recovery [command]


Value Type Description

-h, --help


Help for recovery.



Redpanda or rpk config file; default search paths are ~/.config/rpk/rpk.yaml, $PWD, and /etc/redpanda/redpanda.yaml.

-X, --config-opt


Override rpk configuration settings; '-X help' for detail or '-X list' for terser detail.



rpk profile to use.

-v, --verbose


Enable verbose logging.