A cache is a key/value store which can be used by certain components for applications such as deduplication or data joins. Caches are configured as a named resource:

  - label: foobar
        - localhost:11211
      default_ttl: 60s

It’s possible to layer caches with read-through and write-through behavior using the multilevel cache.

And then any components that use caches have a field resource that specifies the cache resource:

    - cache:
        resource: foobar
        operator: add
        key: '${! json("") }'
        value: "storeme"
    - mapping: root = if errored() { deleted() }

For the simple case where you wish to store messages in a cache as an output destination for your pipeline check out the cache output. To see examples of more advanced uses of caches such as hydration and deduplication check out the cache processor.

You can find out more about resources in this document.