Processing Pipelines

Within a Redpanda Connect configuration, in between input and output, is a pipeline section. This section describes an array of processors that are to be applied to all messages, and are not bound to any particular input or output.

If you have processors that are heavy on CPU and aren’t specific to a certain input or output they are best suited for the pipeline section. It is advantageous to use the pipeline section as it allows you to set an explicit number of parallel threads of execution:

  resource: foo

  threads: 4
    - mapping: |
        root = this
        fans = fans.map_each(match {
          this.obsession > 0.5 => this
          _ => deleted()

  resource: bar

If the field threads is set to -1 (the default) it will automatically match the number of logical CPUs available. By default almost all Redpanda Connect sources will utilize as many processing threads as have been configured, which makes horizontal scaling easy.