Breaks message batches (synonymous with multiple part messages) into smaller batches. The size of the resulting batches are determined either by a discrete size or, if the field byte_size is non-zero, then by total size in bytes (which ever limit is reached first).

# Config fields, showing default values
label: ""
  size: 1
  byte_size: 0

This processor is for breaking batches down into smaller ones. In order to break a single message out into multiple messages use the unarchive processor.

If there is a remainder of messages after splitting a batch the remainder is also sent as a single batch. For example, if your target size was 10, and the processor received a batch of 95 message parts, the result would be 9 batches of 10 messages followed by a batch of 5 messages.



The target number of messages.

Type: int

Default: 1


An optional target of total message bytes.

Type: int

Default: 0