Kafka Connect

Redpanda Console provides a user interface that lets you manage multiple Kafka Connect clusters. You can inspect or patch connectors; restart, pause, and resume connector tasks; and delete connectors. Redpanda Console queries all configured Kafka Connect clusters for their status, so you have an overview of all your Kafka Connect clusters.

Redpanda self-hosted deployments do not include a Kafka Connect cluster. For information about Redpanda managed connectors to different data systems, see Managed Connectors.


For each cluster, provide a unique name, the HTTP address of the cluster, and the authentication settings, if required. The name can be any unique string that helps you to identify the Kafka Connect cluster. See all available configuration options in the Redpanda Console Configuration.

The following sample configuration goes in the configuration file’s root level.

  enabled: true
    - name: datawarehouse # Required field, will be used as identifier in the frontend
      url: http://dwh-connect.mycompany.com:8083
        enabled: false # Trusted certs are still allowed by default
      username: admin
      # password: # Set using flag --connect.clusters.0.password=secret
    - name: analytics # Required field, will be used as identifier in the frontend
      url: http://analytics.mycompany.com:8083
      # No auth configured on that cluster, hence no username/password set